Aparicio Gomez

Resident medical officer in emergency medicine MB ChB (Uni. Dundee)  MRCS Ed. Avid traveller, yoga teacher, polylinguist with a passion for discovering cultures.
Osteopoikilosis is a autosomal dominant sclerosing bony dysplasia characterized by multiple benign benign sclerotic bone lesions (enostoses) that tend to localize in periarticular osseous regions
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845 - 1923) 340
Wilhelm Röntgen
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845 – 1923) was a German physicist. 8 November 1895 produced electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range known as X-rays (Röntgen rays).
Abraham Colles (1773 – 1843) 340
Abraham Colles
Abraham Colles (1773 - 1843) was an Irish surgeon and anatomist. Eponym: Colles Fracture (1814) distal radius/ulna fracture