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ECG Case 075
Previously well 70 year old man presents to peripheral hospital with central chest pain and diaphoresis. Describe and interpret this ECG. LITFL Top 100 ECG
ECG Case 074
97 year old gentleman found unconscious at home. Brought into emergency by ambulance at 10am having last been seen at 8pm the evening before.
ECG Case 072
This ECG is from a 49 year old. He self-presented to the emergency department with chest pain. Describe and interpret this ECG. LITFL Top 100 ECG
Metabolic-Muddle-LITFL-Clinical-340 256
You can beat the feeling
It’s a busy night shift in the ED (as always) and one of the Interns comes to present a case to you. He’s seen a 23 yr old female who has presented with lethargy and weakness. While you're listening to the Intern your phone rings — it's the lab calling to tell you the patient’s potassium is 1.9 mmol/L.
ECG Case 018
75-year old patient with narrow complex tachycardia at 150 bpm. Rhythm strip during administration of IV adenosine. What is happening here?