Kathryn Scott

Graduated from Southampton Medical School in 2017 with BMBS. Working in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Emergency Department in Perth, Australia.
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Lindsay nails
Are characterised by a sharply demarcated nail bed change – the proximal portion of each nail bed as whitish and the distal portion red, pink, or brown. In addition to the nail-bed change, there may also be associated the presence…
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Dorothea W. Barthel
Dorothea Wilhelmine (née Barthel) Beauchamp (1911 - 2003) was an American physical therapist. Barthel index of functional independence (1965)
Roberta A. Pagon (1945 - ) 340 2
Roberta A. Pagon
Roberta A. Pagon (1945 - ) pediatrician and geneticist. Pagon syndrome - Anemia sideroblastic and spinocerebellar ataxia (1985)
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Mees lines
Mees lines: white bands traversing the full width of the nail, running parallel to the lunula, with no palpable ridges. As the nail grows they bands move distally and finally disappear when trimmed. The finding was initially related to acute arsenic poisoning.