Ronan McKenna

Dr Ronan McKenna, MB BCh BAO at National University of Ireland Galway. Living in Australia with  plans for a future in Emergency Medicine. A keen interest in Medical History, Wilderness Medicine and Sport.
Fritz de Quervain (1868 – 1940) 340
Fritz de Quervain
Fritz de Quervain (1868 – 1940) was an Swiss surgeon. He described the chronic tendonitis that bears his name (De Quervain disease)
Meath Hospital 340
Meath Hospital
The Meath Hospital (Ospidéal na Mí) was the oldest voluntary hospital in continuous existence in Ireland; the oldest university teaching hospital; and a most significant hub of medical eponyms and notable names.
Frederic Jay Cotton (1869–1939) 340
Frederic Jay Cotton
Frederic Jay Cotton (1869–1939) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Cotton fracture (trimalleolar fracture) and Cotton-Loader postion (hyper-flexed wrist position in closed reduction of distal radius fractures)
Edward Mott Moore (1814 – 1902) 340
Moore fracture
Edward Mott Moore (1814–1902) American Surgeon. Moore fracture (1870) of the distal end of the radius with luxation of the distal end of the ulna
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Cotton fracture
Cotton fracture (trimalleolar fracture): fracture of the ankle that involving the lateral malleolus, medial malleolus and distal posterior aspect of the tibia (posterior malleolus). Described in 1915 by Frederic Jay Cotton (1869 – 1939)