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We are Australasian emergency and critical care physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals exploring the changing world of eLearning, emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology through clinical cases, fictionalized anecdotes and medical satire.

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Dr. Laura K. Rock is a Pulmonologist and Critical Care Physician at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. She is faculty for the Center for Medical Simulation and a VitalTalk instructor. She believes the human connection is the pith to a functioning team, patient safety, and what brings the fun into our daily work. Laura strives for curiosity, respect and the spiciness of a great debrief to encourage difficult conversations and promote learning. She conducts research on interprofessional team debriefing and patient safety and runs training programs for effective and empathic communication; unit culture and how it affects teamwork, the patient experience, and clinician well-being; managing conflict at the bedside; and providing feedback that improves performance. Her most pressing personal challenge is implementing family debriefs to promote sanity and cohesion during COVID-19.

Physician in training. German translator and lover of medical history.

FACEM Clinical Toxicology Fellow and Emergency Medicine Physician at Austin Health, Melbourne  | LinkedIn |

Emergency physician with a passion for Wilderness Medicine, emergency ultrasound, echocardiography and health management. Working with adventure companies to provide medical assistance in extreme and remote areas | @Rothy001 | LinkedIn |

Dr Chloe Roy MBChB, BMed Sci (hons). Surgeon in the making | LinkedIn |

Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist, Traumemanager and PHEM doctor. Dedicated to trauma resuscitation, prehospital care and airway management. Barometerbarn | @SorenRudolph |

Peruvian Emergency medicine and Family Physician, living and working in Spain. Reformed English teacher and developing artist  | SketchbookMD | Twitter |

Physicianly type with neurological leanings... | LinkedIn |

Cardiology and invasive electrophysiology fellow from Germany pursuing an M.Sc. degree in medical computer science. Passionate about ECGs, #FOAMed and coffee (in no particular order) Twitter | cardiotools.net

Emergency Physician. Basic science in clinical context educator | LinkedIn |