Dean Fulford

Dr Dean Fulford, reformed orthopaedic surgeon now Anaesthetics trainee | @footydeanoLinkedIn |
Francis Garrett Pipkin (1904-1981) 340
Garrett Pipkin
Garrett Pipkin (1904-1981) was an American orthopedic surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Pipkin classification of femoral head fractures
Compartment Syndrome
Compartment Syndrome (CS) CS is a limb threatening condition caused by raised pressure within a facial compartment. This causes compression of vessels, muscles and nerves within the compartment. Presentation: Symptoms:• Pain out of proportion Signs:• Pain with passive stretch• Paraesthesia…
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Galeazzi Test
The Galeazzi test, sometimes called Allis sign or Skyline test, is used to assess for hip dislocation, specifically testing for developmental dysplasia of the hip.
Riccardo Galeazzi
Riccardo Galeazzi (1866 – 1952) was an pioneering Italian orthopaedic surgeon. The eponymous Galeazzi fracture is named after him.