Hand Anatomy

Andy Neill of Emergency Medicine Ireland has done an amazing job of creating a series of Anatomy For Emergency Medicine Podcasts and Visual Resources on Vimeo and iTunes.

Video tutorials on Hand Anatomy

Hand Anatomy | Lingo and soft tissues


Hand Anatomy | The Finger tip


Hand Anatomy | The Fingers
Eaton Classification

Eaton type I: hyperextension mechanism of injury with an avulsion of the volar plate and a longitudinal tear of the collateral ligaments; the opposing joint surface remain congruent

Eaton type II: dorsal dislocation of the PIP joint with avulsion of the volar plate; there is complete tear of the collateral ligament

Eaton type III

  • Eaton type IIIa
    • fracture dislocation with an avulsed small fragment <40% of articular surface
    • dorsal aspect of the collateral ligament remains attached to the middle phalanx
  • Eaton type IIIb
    • fracture dislocation with fracture or impaction of the articular surface of more than 40%
Hand Anatomy | Extensor Tendons


Hand Anatomy | Flexor tendons


Hand Anatomy | Nerve Supply


Hand Anatomy | Intrinsic Muscles


Hand Anatomy | Blood Supply and the thumb


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