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vanPOCUS: Pulmonary POCUS

Vancouver POCUS present a review of pulmonary point of care ultrasound including pneumothorax, pleural effusion and B-lines by Dr. Lauren Arthurs.
Ultrasound LIBRARY 340 1

Short path reverberation artefact

**B-lines = Short path reverberation artefact Short path reverberation artefact The ultrasound appearance of this artefact is a thin vertical bright or echogenic line that passes from the point of origin, to the deepest part of the ultrasound image. Most…

Ultrasound LIBRARY 340 1

Lung Ultrasound: Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammatory, most commonly infectious process involving the lungs. Typically the alveoli in intensely inflamed areas fill with inflammatory fluid or pus, and this is known as consolidation. The changes may be widespread, patchy or lobar. Ultrasound can…

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Ultrasound Case 010

A young man with a history of right sided pneumothorax, apical bullectomy and VATS pleurodesis presents with right sided pleuritic chest pain. You are asked to exclude recurrent pneumothorax.