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Jens Einar Meulengracht (1887 - 1976) 340

Einar Meulengracht

Jens Einar Meulengracht (1887 - 1976) was a Danish physician. Meulengracht ikterus index; Meulengracht diet; Gilbert syndrome

Gilbert syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome: congenital, benign, chronic, intermittent hyperbilirubinemia. Fluctuating episodes of jaundice in the absence of any specific symptoms, with an excess of unconjugated bilirubin present in the urine.

Augustin Gilbert

Biography Born on February 15, 1858 1880 – Graduated medicine from the University of Paris; interne at the Hôtel-Dieu 1888 – Médecin des hôpitaux; agrégé (1889) 1902 – professor of therapeutics, Hôpital de Dieu 1905 – professor of clinical medicine,…