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Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Not just pneumonia

A 30 year-old male presented with 24 hours of worsening respiratory distress, following a 5-day prodrome of cough, fever, diarrhoea, lethargy and malaise.
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Swine Flu Saves Lives?

Did the swine flu pandemic save lives? A response to Richard Lehman's perspective on a recently published overview of the swine flu pandemic in Australia.
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Lessons from 1918

I read a book called 'The Coming Plague' when I was in medical school. It was fascinating. It formed a picture of the world in my mind as a bubbling soup of seething micro-organisms waiting for the right circumstances to break out, to come forth and multiply
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Swine Flu in ICU

A timely follow up to 'The Two Faces of Swine Flu' is 'Critical Care Services and 2009 H1N1 Influenza in Australia and New Zealand'. This 'hot off the press' paper by the ANZIC Influenza Investigators has just been published online in the NEJM.
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What do you mean pandemic?

Despite the cessation of ‘pig kissing frolicks‘ it looks as though the WHO will eventually declare that 2009 H1N1 influenza A (‘swine flu’) has reached pandemic proportions (phase 6). What does this mean? A phase 6 influenza pandemic means that…

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The Two Faces of Swine Flu

The sun is making more frequent cameos in our part of the world, suggesting summer may be on its way. Another, but less obvious, indicator of the change in seasons is the gradual decline in patients with swine flu (H1N1 09 influenza) needing treatment in our intensive care units.