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See For Yourself

Many doctors have vivid memories of their first tentative steps into the dissection halls of the anatomy class and their first anxiety-ridden attendance at an autopsy. Such moments are among the fabled rituals of burgeoning doctor-hood.
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The Breakfast Club

Medicine is the study of the manifestations of disease, so that one might attempt to diagnose, attempt to treat, but always to care for the patient.

The Mark of the Beast

He stood in the hallway having stolen away from his cubicle. The doctor leaving the resus bay recognised him as the man from cubicle 23 awaiting a psychiatric review.

Ultrasound Training Rant

For the emergency medicine and critical care physician competency in ultrasound is becoming essential. The people I truly look up to in my specialties all recognise that bedside ultrasonography is an integral part of patient assessment. However, the hows and…

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A Stroke of Insight

A few years ago I was looking after an elderly woman in the emergency department who had suffered a stroke. She was aphasic --- unable to understand speech or create comprehensible sentences.