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Top 10 Foreign Bodies

These are my top 10 foreign bodies, found on X-ray. From time to time little things get lost. Whether you are playing billiards naked in the dark; counting money with your tongue; battling with an electric rolling pin; or just 'slipping' whilst in the shower….
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Phonetic alphabet

Probably the two most potentially useful skills I learnt in the army were ironing (a skill I try to avoid putting to use at any cost) and knowledge of the phonetic alphabet.
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Nauseous grammar

In the world of medicine there has been a grammatical battle raging for what seems an eternity. "Who are the warring parties?", you ask.
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Pens, Swords and Peer Review

Have you ever submitted a scientific paper to a journal? Here are some insights into the Herculean labours of getting a paper published in a medical journal (with MJA excerpts).
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An Empty Hospital?

Some things remain the same, some things change. Political machinations and bureaucratic bungles seem to be universal constants. However, empty hospitals no longer seem to be an issue...
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Letting Go

A few experiences in the last week or two have reminded me of the importance of Peter Safar's Laws for the Navigation of Life:
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A Philosophical Death

It is sometimes forgotten that one of the most important goals of medicine is to help people achieve a good death. It is here that medicine and philosophy intersect.
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They meant well

I am a doctor who questions a lot of medical dogma. Perhaps my own, somewhat sad medical story at least in part explains this oppositional personality trait. Valendar F Turner FRACS FACEM In 1950, when I was five years old,…

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In a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, we still end up spending more time alone.