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Oxygen Without Lungs

This video features John Kheir from the cardiac PICU at Boston’ Children’s Hospital talking at TEDMED. The talk begins with the story of a tragic PICU case and leads to Kheir explaining his obsession with figuring out how to administer oxygen microparticles…

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Why I don’t want to be a doctor

So maybe next time Life in the Fast Lane is looking for a human perspective on a career in an Emergency Department they could ask a more original question. Like, "why I don't want to be a doctor..."
arcanum veritas LITFL 340

Forgetting the Unforgettable II

The man did not respond. No amount of verbal persuasion could make him lift his eyelids and the only noises he made were incomprehensible groans. He moved only to push away his loved ones and the hospital staff trying to look after him.
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My chest is burning!

The Minerva section of the British Medical Journal was probably the only part of any medical journal I used to look at when I was a medical student.
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Miraculous Meat Medicine

Regular ‘Life in the Fast Lane’ readers (Hi, Mum and Dad!) well know the importance of bringing home the bacon when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies using the healing forces of food. Well, thanks to Archie McPhee, it…

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Smith, Bell, and the Art of Observation

Sir Sydney Smith had humble beginnings in a village at the heart of the Otago gold fields, near the southern tip of New Zealand. After a stint in the New Zealand Army during the First World War and a colourful career as a medical investigator in colonial Egypt, he went on to hold the Chair of Forensic Medicine in Edinburgh.
arcanum veritas LITFL 340

The Dark Knight

Consider a case of headache in a young female. This is what her quite unusual and revealing CT head showed: If you can guess the cause of her headaches, her underlying diagnosis, and can work out what “batman’s eyes” are…

Doctors Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad: drug dealing the hospital way

It’s funny, a common discussion point comes up every so often when I talk to my non-medical friends about careers. The access to strong medications and drugs seems to be an endless fascination for some people; Can you write me…

The emotional strain of healthcare

How do you guys do it. I could never do your job! How many times have those of us in the healthcare profession heard those questions? Dare I say that, at least once in our careers, most of us will have…