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John Hinds Death is a Wanker

Cases from the Races

The RAGE team’s John Hinds gives the medical perspective on high speed motorcycle racing on closed private roads in Ireland at smaccGOLD.

Is that a canoe in your pocket

How to give an unforgettable talk

Klotz’ recount of Brindley’s 1983 lecture on erectile dysfunction is truly unforgettable.


Test Ultrasound

A 20 year old man presents with shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain. What does this ultrasound show? AtomicThis scan demonstrates a pneumothorax.The echogenic parietal pleural line is clearly defined and lung sliding is lost,


All I need to do is write a final diagnosis, right?

American ER Doc Gone Walkabout Episode 007 Once upon a time, in a far off land in the northern hemisphere, I could take care of someone really sick, a STEMI for instance.  I could write