dogma to believe

Some dogma i do believe in

  1. context is everything
  2. treat the patient not the number
  3. pathophysiology principles are a solid foundation for clinical reasoning
  4. htfu, mediocrity isn’t a solution
  5. the greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism (William Osler)
  6. is qui est, est, is qui non est, consectatur (Pinarello)
  7. karma is a boomerang, but dogma is a grenade (@TheTweetOfGod)
  8. all tests are imperfect, context trumps results
  9. there is no maybe (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  10. dogma is the compartment syndrome of the mind (John Hinds)
  11. you can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.  (Dorothy Parker)

dangers of dogma in medicine  – Rinaldo Bellomo

emergency physician keen on medical education and cycling

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