Practice SAQ

Short Answer Questions (SAQ) for the ACEM Fellowship exams with worked answers

Geelong Health 30 week challenge
  1. 30 weeks of trial SAQ exams…access to Tom Reade’s extensive SAQ question bank. Do not pick this option if you are going through the questions with your DEMT. It is important you answer the questions as if you were doing the exam and then get subsequent feedback.
  2. Login to The Geelong Health Website and also get your DEMT to register. This allows you access to their program and your DEMT gets extra access to then provide comment/feedback on your trial papers.

Have some questions of your own? Drop us an email: [email protected] and we can get past and current SAQ examiners to vet your questions and answers to make sure they are relevant with the changing exam. In return we will add them to an SAQ bank on LITFL for future candidates

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