Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 211

Just when you thought your brain could unwind on a Friday, you realise that it would rather be challenged with some good old fashioned medical trivia FFFF, introducing the Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 211 – the spooky Halloween edition

Question 1

Can you be scared to death?

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Yes, there are multiple media reports of young people dying from “Sudden sniffing death”

The proposed mechanism is a catecholamine surge when teenagers are caught e.g. by parents shouting “what are you doing”. The already sensitised myocardium from the inhalants then has a second hit of catecholamines resulting in an arrhythmia and potential death. [Reference]

Question 2

According to a BMJ paper what disease do you have if you are experiencing the following:

a shambling gait, tendency to moan, loss of dexterity and prior personality traits, and the eventual rotting of flesh

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The detailed paper talks about the epidemiology, treatment and prevention including a historical perspective to the 1500’s when Haitian zombies (best described) were often thought to be controlled by practitioners of voodoo.

They may have been created via a neurotoxin, typically described as tetrodotoxin, which puts the victim in a sleep-like state. [Reference]

Question 3

Could humans and vampires co-exist?

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Possibly, various mathematical models exist

The Buffy model: both populations could exist in harmony if vampire numbers were kept static by a sufficient number of vampire slayers.

Dracula model: No slayers, Dracula feeds every 4-5 days and their victims turns into a vampire, results in no humans would be in existence by day 153 and then eventually all the vampires would die out.

A more romantic model like the “Vampire Chronicles” where there are no slayers, vampires only need a little blood, low rates of conversion and occasionally a human is turned into a vampire would lead to extinction in 48.7 years.

A Twilight model: where vampires co-exist, drink the blood of animals, occasionally humans and converting a human into a vampire takes extreme effort. Well, yes symbiosis is possible but once one population’s growth declines we could again be taken over by vampires. [Reference]

Question 4

Can a voodoo doll cause death?

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It all depends on your faith

Walter Cannon wrote in 1942 about a number of historical cases whereby people knew they were cursed and deeply believed they were going to die. A number of hypotheses exist, the most popular includes the subject’s belief they are going to die along with a community acting as if this were also the case. The patient then becomes so terrified they inadvertently cause a “state of shock” lower their blood pressure and develop end organ damage. [Reference]

In World War II there are also reported cases of soldiers with minimal injuries dying days later who appeared to be in some kind of petrified catatonic state.

  • Cannon WB. Voodoo Death. American anthropologist. 1942; 44(2): 169-181

Question 5

Who died on October 31st, 1926?

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