JellyBean 007 with Victoria Brazil

Dungeons & Dragons & Feminism. (& Cate Blanchett)

Victoria Brazil of Bond University and the Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital.

Somehow managing to talk about all these things while staying ‘on message’.

(No help from the interviewer.)

SMACC Highlight. Education Leading Light.
Shining a light on the the struggles between Form and Content and how we all can get our messages across.

It was a great pleasure to speak to Victoria and watch her in action at SMACC in a number of different environments.

To say that she brought gravitas to SMACC is an understatement.
She didn’t even correct me when I pronounced her name wrong; its not pronounced like the home of Samba, you’ll have to seek out one of her 3 excellent lectures from SMACC to hear her say it properly.

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