JellyBean 017 with Prof Derek Angus

Derek Angus; 15/15 on the Glasgow Conversational Scale.Derek was in the headlines recently being the lead author of the PROCESS trial. You may have heard him on EMCrit talking about that study. But where does he come from, how did he get here?

I caught up with Derek in Wellington, New Zealand at the Paul Young curated “Down with Dogma” College of Intensive Care Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting and I won’t pretend; I really like him. Angus is a Prince of research. Do a Pubmed search for him if you don’t believe me; there are literally hundreds of papers.

He started out at Glasgow University. (I seem to have a thing for Glaswegians a.k.a. “Weegies”) He was aiming at neurosurgery but after his MRCP and became the first Commonwealth citizen to work for MSF back when MSF were much, much smaller. This conversation was just too interesting to stop around 10 minutes as Jellybeans usually are. Have a listen. I think you’ll like it.
Well he was dancing with Steve Webb of the ANZICS CTG around 2am in Wellington, so the chances are good.

Maybe research and researchers are sexy?

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