JellyBean 021 with Michael Parr

Michael Parr has had the kind of career that most of us can only dream of.
Co-Editor of Resuscitation. Australian Rep on ILCOR. Director of ICU in one of the biggest hospitals in Sydney.

It’s a great story starting in Liverpool, via Yorkshire, London, Baltimore and ending in, well, Liverpool.
I wouldn’t even dream of looking back on something similar at the end of my career. And he is far from done yet.

He has a very interesting story and he credits his mentor, Peter Baskett, for so much of it. I think there’s at least a little credit due to Michael himself but he is rather humble about it.

(Lucky he wasn’t mentored by Peter Safar whose name I got wrong early in the chat; but whoever Peter Sagar is, I’m sure he is a good mentor too.)

Michael is a big man, I didn’t want to make him angry. He is a big character too and he is married to an even bigger character, Dr Cynthia Parr the Palliative Care Specialist. This fortunately means that he returned to Liverpool, Australia after a second stint in Bristol.

This conversation was recorded before the most recent ILCOR update and I had asked Prof Parr if he would give us a sneak preview. Interestingly we focused on therapeutic hypothermia and the TTM trial was not yet out.

Of course despite our interest in resuscitation we cannot really hold our own in the company of Renowned Urologist Dr V. Jones

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