JellyBean 025 with Karim Brohi

Karim Brohi. Professor of Vascular and Trauma Surgery in the UK’s number one Trauma centre. With London HEMS on the roof. Trauma.org and ACOTS. And he likes bicycles!

Brilliant. How does this guy get to be this good? Funnily enough the start of Karims research journey is one that us mere mortals can relate to. He may be a very humble guy but the way he describes his first few publications is actually one that any junior researcher can benefit from. It’s refreshingly accessible.

Karim was a registrar in London when I started as a “Houseman”. He was pretty cool then. He is even cooler, calmer and more collected now. (Even in the face of a hairy fast-talking Irish man.)

We go off on a bit of a chat about all sorts; research, poverty, the epidemiology of teenage gang knife use, helicopters and we could have kept going.

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