JellyBean 033 with Anne Creaton

So Anne Creaton is knee deep in Fiji.
Knee deep in another culture.
Knee deep in Government Bureaucracy.
Knee deep in the most beautiful water in the world.
What a woman!

I worked with Anne a few years ago when she helped start up the Ambulance embedded aeromedical service called Adult Retrieval Victoria in Melbourne.

That wasn’t hard enough for her. So she headed off to Fiji to try to bring some of what she had learned to the Pacific. Now I don’t know what you know about Fiji. It is an incredibly interesting place with an incredibly interesting mix of people.

I know that I don’t know enough about the history of Fiji, the story of native Fijians and Indo-Fijians, “Indentured Labour” and the relatively recent political complexity/instability.

I am willing to bet that out of the few of us that have visited Fiji 99% will have visited the 3 biggest islands or a resort island. There are 330 islands in Fiji and about 500 islets. It is the biggest and most developed of the remote independent pacific island nations. It has the biggest campus of the fascinating University of the South Pacific and a newer second University of Fiji.

There also exists something called Pacific Time or Fiji Time.
(“It’s Time, Jim, but not as we know it.”)
Anne is humble about what she is trying to do but I am less reserved. I looked at doing something like Anne is doing about 15 years ago. I wasn’t brave enough. She was.

Here are a few questions for you; What does the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) do outside Australia and New Zealand? Should they do more? Have you ever heard of their Special Interest Group called IEMN?

Have a listen and get in touch with Anne if you want to know more, you’ve got options. Anne gives a talk at SMACC Dublin Day 1 at 11:40 Caring for the Critically Ill in Fiji @AnneCreaton

Thanks again to @rollcagemedic for offering to do some #Jellybeans in #Chicago. 

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