JellyBean 039 with Casey Parker

This is the Ballad of Casey Parker.

Casey Parker, which is a great name, left Kangaroo Island not because Tim Leeuwenburg arrived (@KangarooBeach ) but because there was a place in West Australia that needed another wheat farmer. Casey was supposed to become that wheat farmer. He fought his way to the top of his class and the rest is history.

It is curious that three of the pioneers of Remote Medicine and indeed #FOAMed and #FOAMgp are quite closely linked despite being as far from each other on this continent as could be concocted. (Unless we have a Tasmanian Remote #FOAMgp person.) (Do we?)

So where is Broome? It is an interesting spot. Far from everywhere else but not that small. The earlier Jellybean #37 with Jaine Morris was about a community of a few hundred and Casey works in a community that oscillates between 15000 and 50000. There isn’t much homogeneity about this big country. (Someone please mention this to our politicians.)

Casey has managed to create one of the most successful #FOAMed blogs (BroomeDocs). This podcast was recorded some time ago but he is a stayer. He is incredibly productive. And funny. He is basically better than me at everything.

Listen and enjoy. Then read his blog and learn.

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