JellyBean 042 with Liam Yore

It is official; Donald Trump is the Republican Candidate for the Presidency on the United States of America. What does that mean? What does that mean for Healthcare in the USA? (Or world peace?) I don’t know so I asked someone who might. It’s Liam Yore. a.k.a. @MovinMeat

Liam Yore is a man that has stuff to say. He has been saying stuff for years on All bleeding stops and he is still saying stuff.

So Liam; healthcare in the USA whats up with that?
Dr Yore says; “It feels irredeemably broken.

Turns out there is stuff to be said. Liam has managed to marry his interest in progressive politics with his full time emergency physician role in the Pacific Northwest. He has written about policy and now he is starting to write policy. Does Policy matter? Hell, yes. Is policy interesting? Hell, yes and Hell, No. Do I understand it all? Hell, no. Do the guys who write policy understand what its actually like to be “us”, clinicians, nurses, paramedics and doctors at the “coal-face”? It doesn’t always feel that way.

I don’t understand the horribly expensive USA Health System. Apparently I am not the only one. I’ve worked there a little. I’ve read stuff about it. I watch as things like ObamaCare get attacked just for being associated with Obama. Turns out it wasn’t not really Obamas idea. It was a Republican idea. What? Someone help me here and please make it funny.

Liam and I talk about Donald, Narcissism, Celebrity, Pressure of Speech, Ugliness and ACEP. We talk about how he ended up on the inside of the Policy machine and I make fun of Trump. Go on, have a listen.

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