JellyBean 050 with Sara Nikolić

Sara Nikolić – We are people. We have feelings and we get sad…

You might be a nurse or a doctor or a paramedic. But thats not all you are. Here is a little celebration of everyone in the #FOAMed world because we are more than clinicians. We are people. We have feelings and we get sad. Get ready for a surprise.

Last week we spoke about Ethics with Prof Julian Savulescu the Oxford Professor of Ethics. The week before we spoke about Ultrasound saving the world with Resa Lewiss. This week we are singing from a different song sheet…

I speak to Sara Nikolić who was a student in Slovenia when I contacted her, then she qualified before I met her, then she danced around the virtual intrapleural space in front of 2000 people at SMACCdub and then she danced some more at St. James Gate where Guinness is brewed and where #FOAMed was named.

Beware; this Jellybean starts off rather differently to usual. It sounds an awful lot better but then returns to a more recognised and less beautiful format.

Congratulations Sara on getting through your exams. This one is a tribute to every paramedic, nurse or doctor that has worked their way through those hard times.

You’re all awesome. Don’t forget it. Sing it from the rooftops. Keep painting. Grow vegetables. Climb mountains. Make stuff. Create wonderful children. Whatever! You are more than your job description, you are unique and that probably makes you a better carer anyway!

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