JellyBean 052 with Marietjie Slabbert

Punching above your weight and above the clouds. In the first post bare knuckle fight interview for the Jellybean Podcast we talk to the victor, nay, the newly crowned Heavyweight Champion of South African Aeromedicine. She was, of course, graceful in her moment of triumph. It’s @mjslabbert

Dr Marietjie ‘MJ’ Slabbert went into the ring with a proper heavy weight @AnthonyDHolley and won. A bit like a butterfly and a bit like a bee. More like a bee really in that she recruited an entire swarm of prehospitalists, SMACCforce-types and the EMS Wolf Pack to come along and give her South African Compatriot hell. That’s SMACC Bare Knuckle Fighting for you. No-one said it was supposed to be pretty.

Marietjie Slabbert comes out of her corner with and wades into the debate about prehospital care. But while she did win the fact remains that our prehospital practice is lacking a robust evidence base. It’s true. No point in pretending. So we get stuck into that for a while.

Beyond her bare knuckle prowess Dr Slabbert seems to be super competent at almost everything as a Trauma Critical Care Anaesthetist, Retrieval Physician and Critical Care Physician. Her own journey has brought her across multiple countries and continents.

She is an interesting woman. Have a wee listen. (Keep your guard up though.)

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