Jellybean 061 with Craig Wylie

Emergency Medicine is a different beast in different places. What kind of beast would it be in South Africa? A big, bad and scary one? I ask Craig Wylie, South African Paramedic and #FOAMed star, to introduce us to his world.

You might think your Emergency Medicine world is Bad. You might think its “Bad Ass”. But is it as Bad or “Bad Ass” as South African Emergency Medicine?

@Bad__EM are one of the rising stars in the entire #FOAMed universe. They are not bad. They are really rather good. BadEM is short for “Brave African Discussions in Emergency Medicine”. Sounds good. Is Good! It is conspicuous for the multiple different professionals that contribute; when I spoke to Craig BadEM had 3 paramedics, one medical student and one doctor. (That was Kat Evans; see Jellybean 044) Since then they have added another emergency physician with a strong cardiology interest and an paediatrician. This is a multi-disciplinary game after all.

Emergency Medicine is a different beast in different countries and in South Africa it is a quite an impressive beast indeed. A big beast. With big teeth!. It is the trauma that we all hear about but the resources, the patient load, the infectious diseases and the entire public health system are different. I ask Craig about his clinical background, his training, his practice and the complex public-private system in which he works.

It seems that clinical manager of a large private ambulance service wasn’t enough to keep him busy so he got himself mixed up in the #FOAMed game. And the elephant in the #FOAMed room was that a lot of the subject matter in the #FOAMed world is focussed on the resource rich world. USA, Australia, UK, Scandinavia et cetera. South Africa is health resource poor by comparison. The reality of resource poor practice is different. So while the BadEM team loved the #FOAMed they could access the fact was that they needed a different flavour. They couldn’t find it so they made their own “FOAM”. Brilliant.

Even better they have managed to create an entirely free (FREE) symposium held in September 2016 at Stellenbosch Medical School. 400 people got a load of face to face education for free. Wow! A free one day conference. Thats taking #FOAMed to the next level.

If you are going to dasSMACC in Berlin try to see Craig speaking at SMACCforce. He has a powerful presentation about violent attacks on prehospitalists in South Africa. SMACCforce was a huge success in Dublin and has been significantly expanded. If its sold out consider winching down from a rotary wing transport platform or something similar. They like that sort of thing. If you don’t have a helicopter Craig will be writing about the same matter in weeks to come on BadEM.co.za

I hope to be there and I expect I will be trying to convince Craig to do another Jellybean about the violence he and his colleagues are experiencing.

The rate of change in South Africa is very marked. There are new challenges every day. There are difficult matters to discuss. It takes brave men and women to do it. These are those women and men.

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