Jellybean 108 The Carnival Podcast

Jellybean 108; The Carnival Podcast. O primeiro podcast português sobre a vida na pista rápida.

A podcast about free open access medical education in Brazil. We re proud to bring you a very special episode of the Jellybean Podcast. This one is for the internationalists among you. This one is for the 280 million odd Portuguese speakers around the world, this one is for all the doctors, nurses and every #FOAMed fan that speaks Português. Get ready for a bit of a party.

  • The Português starts at 6:20 and the English starts again at 24:20
  • O Português comeca às 6:20 e o Ingês comeca novamente às 24:20

At the last SMACC event in Sydney the Brazilians turned up in force. It was impressive. They came to learn but quickly it became apparent that we should be learning from them too. I won’t pretend to be a SoMe expert but I have never come across such sophisticated use of Instagram as a #FOAMed tool. Instagram is pretty huge and it may well be the number one SoMe platform for the generation that is entering medicine now. So if you are interested in things like teaching young nurses, doctors, paramedics then you might learn something really useful from an unusual source. You may not use Instagram but it is not a fringe FOAM platform when some Brazilian Nursing Educators have nearly 200000 followers on Instagram.

Did you listen to the podcast first? 

Let’s quickly talk about the weird thing that just happened. Yes, the podcast is 80% Português. It starts with that annoying Irish guy and then the Português starts at 6:20 when Henrique Herpich takes over. The English starts again at 24:20, cue laughs and we are done. We immediately went out for drinks and there is a reason that the Irish and the Brazilians get on very well. (My brother in law is Brazilian. He is extremely cool. Olá Gustavo!)

But why? 

Why would I try to alienate the listeners to this podcast by hitting them with a podcast in another language? The Lusophone Commonwealth is why. Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe. 207 million Portuguese speakers in Brazil alone. Most Portuguese speakers are in countries where medicine is either developing very fast or in need of developing very fast! They could do with some Português FOAMed. The twitter hashtag is either #FOAMedBR or #FOAMedBRA and I personally like #LusoFOAM

LITFL thinks we need FOAM other than English; #FOAMote (See this article on Spanish FOAM .)

The hope is that everyone involved with #FOAM and #FOAMed will look to their language-other-than-English colleagues and see opportunities and not barriers. These people want to work together and the fact that YOU don’t speak their language does NOT mean that you cannot work together.

These are the #FOAMedBRA people that were in the room; Ian, Henrique, Lucas, Jule, Niciole and Daniel.

This is where you can find them;


So what I want all #FOAMedBRA people to do is spread this around all the nurses, doctors, paramedics in the Portugueś speaking world and get them to visit this post, listen to this podcast because this is a felicitation. This is people like me and people like you saying “HelloMyNameIsXXXX, nice to meet you, how can I help?” to the entire Lusophonic world. There is more that unites us than divides us.

The following list is just a start and it deliberately highlight the work of the voices you hear on the podcast. These are just some of the #FOAMedBRA enthusiasts. Please start with these and tell me via the comments and via twitter about those that I have missed. And if I have missed you please do not be offended if this quick sample doesn’t include your blog/podcast/instagram account etc

Instagram accounts: Contas do Instagram
Twitter Handles: Contas do Twitter

If you really want to think big about critical care medicine you have to think a little out side the box. When I spoke to wannabe auteur Prof John Marshall at the College of Intensive Care Medicine ASM (Jellybean 73) he was about to leave for Brazil. Why Brazil? Well, John Marshall is working on an international collaborative research group, a clinical trials group to rule them all (and in our EBM darkness, bind them). InFACT International Forum of Acute Care Trialists.

Brazil is huge. Brazil is potentially a game changer in so many ways. The combined data that could be gathered by the growing critical care community could potentially rival almost any other data set. BRICnet.org

LITFL Podcaster Andrew Davies spoke to the esteemed Brazilian researcher Flavia Machado in Mastering Infectious Care 17

We spoke to the Chilenos in Jellybean 104. We love the incredible Spanish FOAM work of Manrique Umana McDermott; Twitter @umanamd and 5000 followers on a private Instagram account. (We also appreciate the work of Ernesto Guevara Lynch but he is not on Instagram.) The world is big and diverse. Some one tell me; do we have FOAM in Hindi, or Mandarin, or Arabic, or Malay?

Brazil Fluids

SMACCjunior and Podcast Internships

At SMACC in Sydney the Jellybean Podcast had two “Podcast Interns” selected from among the SMACCjunior ranks; Sarah @sarah_aslannnn and Henrique @H_Herpich. Sarah is from England, more from her later, and Henrique was from Brazil. The Podcast Internship idea was a part of this podcasts efforts to encourage new voices to enter the world of #FOAMed podcasting because we need new ideas, new concepts and renewal in general. I may be a crap podcaster but I am an enthusiastic fellow that likes to help people. As I keep saying FOAMed Podcasts and Blogs are primarily about Content, not delivery. Get the content right and then worry about the rest. If you want to be huge you have to get both right. But do not let the fact that you don’t know the difference between SoundCloud and LibSyn, stop you. More on #NewWaveFOAM soon.

Start, learn, ask for help, learn more, get better, podcast happily ever after.

This podcast is co-produced and co-presented by Henrique Herpich (Twitter @H_Herpich). Henrique was part of SMACCjunior and was one of the two Podcast Interns. Henrique learned how to organise, produce and present a large group podcast. We used a Zoom H1n with a single mic and sat around it.

Tune in next week.

The Jellybean Podcast is a funny little thing. We advocate and collaborate. In the coming months there will be a load of new interviews. A very mixed bag of different subjects and different voices from different events and different backgrounds. We kind of need people to subscribe to be able to keep going.

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The next two podcasts are going to focus on Brazil, which is really something special. Prepare yourself for a blast of difference in Podcast 108, you might not understand what we are talking about. Then there is a very personal story to compliment it in Jellybean 109.

Look out for a series co-hosted with www.feminem.org and two with www.nowem.org . We have a collection of rising international leaders in emergency medicine from the Pacific, Africa and South America. We are very proud to be sharing #SMACCreach interviews with BadEM and African Journal of Emergency Medicine focused on the rapidly developing emergency medicine discipline in countries across Africa. There are a bunch of interviews with young nurses, doctors and paramedics just getting going in education. (#NewWaveFOAM).

And there are a few surprises too.

Diversity. Variety. Inclusiveness. These podcasts are for the enquiring mind with eclectic interests. I have often said that I would like to interview pretty much everyone that listens to this podcast.

Talk to us, we will listen.

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Doug Lynch and a sprinkling of Matt Mac Partlin

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