Oral B. Crawford

Oral Bascom Crawford Jr (1921 – 2008) was an American anesthesiologist.



  • Born 3 July 1921 Brookfield, Missouri
  • BS, University of Missouri
  • MD, Louisiana State University
  • Internship Kansas City General Hospital
  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of Missouri School of Medicine
  • 1964 – vice president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Chairman, Department of Anesthesia, St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, Missouri
  • Died 8 July 2008

Medical Eponyms

Crawford Needle (1951)

A Quincke-type epidural needle with an extremely short, and a very blunt, bevel. The Caudal cannula with its cone point geometry according to Dr. Crawford has proven to be particularly suitable in paediatric puncture.

  • Depth Stopper: Used to indicate a pre determined insertion depth.
  • Depth Markings: 10mm needle markings for quick depth recognition.

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