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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Femoral Vein Anatomy

Femoral Vein Anatomy continuation of the popliteal vein lies in the intermediate compartment of the femoral sheath accompanies the femoral artery in the femoral triangle at the inguinal ligament it becomes the external iliac vein FEMORAL TRIANGLE superior: inguinal ligament…

CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Bronchoscopic Anatomy

Reviewed and revised 21/2/13 OVERVIEW Dave Pilcher’s 4 rules for finding where you are: the trachea is D shaped, the flat wall is posterior the RML bronchus is anterior the apical (aka superior) segmental bronchi of the lower lobes are…

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Lost Under the Skin?

Are you bewildered by anatomy? Do you keep getting lost in the maze of nerves, muscles, tendons, vessels, bones and ligaments? Never fear, help is at hand in the form of Sam Loman's human body 'subway' map. Never get lost again.