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Alfred Russel Wallace did not knowingly study infectious diseases or their microbial causes, but he did travel extensively and repeatedly put himself in the biological line of fire, as evidenced in his many writings.
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Fleming’s role in the discovery and subsequent development of penicillin is well-known parable of the importance of serendipity in medical research. Fewer people know anything about the Scots bacteriologist’s earlier discovery of lysosyme or his work on the bacteriology of traumatic wound infection.
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Ronald Ross

Major Ronald Ross (1857-1932) was the epitome of the Victorian bug hunters, born in the Himalayas in the heyday of the British Empire, he returned to his roots as a physician where he pursued Manson and Laveran’s hypothesis that the…

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In 1900 Dr Jesse William Lazear joined the Yellow Fever Commission team in Cuba under Walter Reed. He was employed to conduct studies into the bacteriology of tropical diseases.
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The Centenary of Australian tropical medicine is as good a time as any to recognize the contribution Anton Breinl made as one of the pioneer crazy bug hunters in our region.