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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Cricoid pressure

Cricoid pressure aka Sellick manoeuvre or, most accurately, cricoid force;the technique was first described in 1961 by Sellick to prevent aspiration, though Monroe used a similar method in 1774 to prevent gastric insufflation
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Cricoid: To Press or Not to Press?

Just in case you still thought cricoid pressure was a good idea, listen John Hinds at smaccGOLD. Hinds was an anaesthetist, intensivist and a motorcycle-riding prehospital resuscitationist based in Northern Ireland. In this debate he will tell you about ‘cricolol‘.…

Cricoid pressure… time to change?

A storm raged following a recent discussion of cricoid pressure. Cliff Reid and Chris Nickson give their perspectives on why not performing cricoid pressure is acceptable and on the sequelae of the discussion.