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Redback Spider

Redback Spider bites are the most common envenoming in Australia. Venom is from the latrodectus genus which is abundant in different countries around the world. Some of which use antivenom and some do not. This is a hot debated topic in toxicology and will shall explain further in this post.
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Snakebite Envenoming Challenge

How this works: For each of the six types of venomous Australian snake see if you can describe the classic findings for each of the possibly clinical effects listed below – click on the link to show/hide the answer.
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Copperheads don’t cause coagulopathy

Copperheads are common across the southeastern US, and are responsible for a significant number of crotalid envenomations in areas where they are endemic. However, they have the least potent venom of all the pit vipers, and often bites are self-limiting.…