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EBM Gone Wild is a blog discussing articles specific to wilderness topics. It will attempt to explain the evidence (or lack thereof) for the treatments typical of wilderness medicine, usually interjected with some humor. Chief editor Justin Hensley, an assistant…
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Everything you know about snakebites is wrong.
Well, maybe. The 6 T's though? Testosterone, Tank, Teasing, Tequila, Tattooed, and Tanktop? Yeah, they're not correct. The terms "legitimate" and "illegitimate" as pertaining to snakebites imply a perception of the patient that may cloud your judgement in treating.
Dislocated? Put your shoulder into it!
Shoulder dislocations. Few procedures are more fulfilling in the emergency department. A little intra-articular lidocaine, some ketamine (always the answer), some propofol, and you’ve nearly instantaneously fixed a painful condition. Thankfully we’ve moved on from the barbaric techniques pictured below.…