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Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs (1851-1930) was an Austrian Professor of Ophthalmology. Eponyms: Fuchs Dellen, Fuchs Corneal dystrophy, Fuchs Spots in myopia, Fuchs uveitis syndrome and Fuchs coloboma.

Carl Foerster

Biography Born Lissa, 1825 studied medicine at Breslau, Heidelberg and Berlin  1857 – Breslau as an ophthalmologist  1894 – life member of the Prussian House of Lords  Died 1902 Medical Eponyms Key Medical Contributions Major Publications Controversies References Biography Grzybowski A,…

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Fuchs uveitis

Description Fuchs uveitis syndrome is a chronic non-granulomatous condition of uncertain cause.  There is usually unilateral heretochromia iridis, white eye with stellate and grey-white keratic precipitates. There are no posterior synechiae.  On Gonioscopy may see fine radial angle vessels which are…

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Fuchs corneal dystrophy

Description Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy is characterised by bilateral endothelial cell loss.  Examination signs include: central guttata – the presence of irregular warts or excrescences on Descemet membrane secreted by abnormal endothelial cells tiny dark spots caused by distribution of…