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Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol is lethal when >1 ml/kg is ingested therefore any deliberate ingestion need prompt intervention. Commonly found in radiator coolants, antifreeze (concentrations>20%), de-icing solutions, solvents and brake fluids. Unfortunately these products can taste sweet making them appealing to children.
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Ethylene glycol inebriation

A 5 year-old boy is 'off his face' after drinking what looked like a nice bottle of cordial. It was actually radiator coolant. You are called for advice.
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Toxic Alcohol Ingestion

Highlights and pearls on toxic alcohol ingestion from the EBMedicine article, "Toxic Alcohols: Not Always A Clear-Cut Diagnosis"
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Ethylene Glycol Toxicity

OVERVIEW >1 mL/kg or a mouthful in a child is potentially lethal ethylene glycol itself is relatively non-toxic -> metabolites extremely toxic (glycolate) rate limiting step = alcohol dehydrogenase activity accumulation of glycolate -> direct cellular toxicity CLINICAL FEATURES drunk:…