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eponym LITFL 340

Jean Pierre Falret

Jean-Pierre Falret (1794 - 1870) was a French psychiatrist. Falret studied depression and suicide for 32 years and recorded cycles of depression and of elation which he named maladie circulaire and which is more commonly termed bipolar disorder
eponym LITFL 340

Jules Falret

Jules Philippe Falret (1824 - 1902) was a French psychiatrist. 1877, along with Ernest-Charles Lasègue (1816-1883) first described the concept of Folie à deux, initially termed Lasègue-Falret syndrome.
Ernest-Charles Lasègue (1816 – 1883) 340

Ernest-Charles Lasègue

Ernest-Charles Lasègue (1816 – 1883) French Physician. Eponym Lasègue sign of sciatic nerve irritation. Anorexia nervosa. Folie à deux. Conversion hysteria.