Jean Pierre Falret

Jean-Pierre Falret (1794 - 1870)

Jean-Pierre Falret (1794 – 1870) was a French psychiatrist.

Falret studied depression and suicide for 32 years and recorded cycles of depression and of elation which he named maladie circulaire and which is more commonly termed bipolar disorder

  • Born 26 April 1794, Marseille
  • 1838 – Promoted a law aimed at restoring the civic rights of the mentally ill
  • 1841 – Founded la Société de Patronage
  • Died 28 October 1870

Medical Eponyms
Falret syndrome (1854) [aka maladie de Farlet]

Psychiatric disorder defined by more than one episode of mania (hypomania; acute delirious mania) and one of depression. Transition between the two states is usually fluid, however a period normal mental state between phases may occur.


Lasègue-Falret syndrome (1877) [*aka Folie à deux] was first described by Ernest-Charles Lasègue (1816 – 1883) and Falret’s son… Jules Philippe Falret (1824-1902)…in 1877, 7 years after the death of Jean-Pierre Falret (1794 – 1870)

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