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CCC Critical Care compendium 340


DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS Detrimental effects are due to impaired cardiac output and organ perfusion and oxygen delivery oliguria -> ATN -> cortical necrosis -> ARF cerebral ischaemia -> confusion -> decreased LOC -> infarction myocardial ischaemia -> cardiogenic shock -> heart…

Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 022

An elderly man with a history of hypertension is brought into hospital after several days of reduced oral intake. He is hypotensive and your junior doctor wants to start inotropic support for presumed sepsis. An abbreviated bedside echo is performed. What would you suggest as optimal therapy?
Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 015

Elderly patient with a history of heart failure presents with sepsis and hypotension following 2 days of diarrhoea. You look at their IVC. If it is flat you will give some more fluid. If not you will need to think harder!