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Toxicology-Conundrum-340 256

Why so blue?

A 40-year-old man presented to the emergency department with shortness of breath, chest pain and reported a pre-syncopal episode. But why so blue?
Toxicology-Conundrum-340 256

Smoking is deadly

A 37 year-old man is BIBA to the emergency department following a fire at his apartment. He has a fluctuating level of consciousness (currently GCS 11) and is hypotensive (BP 85/50). He has no evidence of airway compromise, burns or other significant injury.
CCC Critical Care compendium 340


Reviewed and revised 14 September 2014 OVERVIEW Methaemoglobinaemia is the state of excessive methaemoglobin in the blood CAUSES Congenital Acquired (toxin/drugs) CLINICAL FEATURES INVESTIGATIONS MANAGEMENT Resuscitation Specific therapy Supportive care and monitoring REASONS FOR FAILURE OF METHYLENE BLUE Consider the…