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SMACCtastic PK talks!

The first crop of SMACCtastic PK SMACC-talks have gone live - and they're awesome! You'll regret it if you don't watch these engaging presentations ASAP.

Another Six SMACCers!

Here are the next 6 videos entered in the Pecha Kucha PK SMACC-talk competition being run as part of the SMACC 2013 conference. Yes, they are also awesome!

Code Black

Attendees and faculty at the recent International Emergency Medicine Teaching Course in Baltimore will empathize with the critical nature of this scenario (each day bigger and bigger coffee machines were brought to the course!).

The World at War!

That’s right, SMACC SimWars is turning into a global conflict. Hot on the heels of EMCrit’s Scott Weingart announcing himself to be one of SMACC’s elite SimWars judges (and confessing his delight in the sadistic elements of his co-creation), the…


How to make a PK SMACCTalk

LITFL contributor Aaron Sparshott (@IVline) has made a nice little video presentation on the ins and outs of Pecha Kucha, and how to make an online PK SMACCtalk. It is perfect for all the SMACCheads out there needing that extra…

ECMO in Cardiac Arrest

PechaKucha presentation on the use of ECMO in the emergency department for refractory ventricular fibrillation in cardiac arrest


SMACC Pecha Kucha PK Round-Up 4

As promised last week, here’s a round up of the next battery of PK SMACC-talks gunning for the prize of an iPad Mini at the increasingly imminent SMACC conference. Alan Williams gives the 400 second run down on Non-Invasive Ventilation…


PK SMACC-talk Winner

Congratulations to David Anderson, the winner of the PK SMACC-talk competition with his 400 second long talk on the history of prehospital and retrieval medicine.
SMACC 2019 Sydney

Yet Another Six SMACCers!

PK SMACC-talks are turning into the FOAM equivalent of the Ginsu steak knife — there’s always more! First up, Colin Parker (@empemorg) of the original paediatric emergency medicine podcast empem.org — and one of my buddies and teachers from back…

SMACC 2019 Sydney


Although SMACC is less than a month away now, we're loving the PKs so much that we're leaving the door open for more submissions until the latest possible moment