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Pimping in perspective Osler

Me as the pimpee

The man who confesses his ignorance shows it once; he who conceals it shows it many times. Me as the pimpee
Pimping in perspective Osler

Pimping for the pimper

Part 3 of a 4-part series. The first two parts were “pimping in perspective” and “pimping for the pimpee“. In “pimping in perspective“, we learnt that pimping is a bit like the Force, in that it has a dark side.…

Pimping in perspective Osler

Pimping in perspective

Leaning on the landmark 1989 JAMA paper by Brancati, it provided an erudite discussion of the phenomenon of "pimping" in medical education.
Pimping in perspective Osler

Pimping for the pimpee

There is little doubt that when pimping goes bad it can be a horrible experience. Malignant pimping can be humiliating for the pimpee, painfully uncomfortable for bystanders, and may even leave the pimper feeling guilty and apologetic if the consequences were unintended.