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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Progressive Pneumonia

Nonresolving or Progressive Pneumonia: failure to normalize the clinical features (eg, fever, cough, sputum production), or nonresolving image in chest radiograph
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Pneumonia in Heart-Lung Transplant

pulmonary infections = most frequent complication with high mortality; requires aggressive, early, broad spectrum antimicrobial therapy; close consultation and even transport to transplant unit may be indicated
Ultrasound LIBRARY 340 1

Lung Ultrasound: Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammatory, most commonly infectious process involving the lungs. Typically the alveoli in intensely inflamed areas fill with inflammatory fluid or pus, and this is known as consolidation. The changes may be widespread, patchy or lobar. Ultrasound can…

Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Ultrasound Case 001

42 year old diabetic woman with left sided pleuritic chest pain. Mild fever and cough. Describe and interpret these scans
Pulmonary Puzzler 340

Pneumonia gone bad

Consider a 56 year old male with no past medical history presenting with 10 days of fevers, chills, myalgia and cough followed by worsening breathlessness over the past 4 days.

better late than never…

The case. An obese 86 year old female is bought to ED by private car with a 5-6 day history of progressive dyspnoea and fevers. She is promptly rushed into the resus bay in extremis with cyanosis & poor respiratory…

probe prevents probe…

Recently, a colleague of mine was wanting to perform a diagnostic tap on a patient with cough, fever and a CXR suggesting a left sided pleural effusion…. I was asked to perform a bedside USS to mark out the safest…