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Ultrasound LIBRARY 340 1

Short path reverberation artefact

**B-lines = Short path reverberation artefact Short path reverberation artefact The ultrasound appearance of this artefact is a thin vertical bright or echogenic line that passes from the point of origin, to the deepest part of the ultrasound image. Most…

Ultrasound LIBRARY 340 1

Reverberation Artefacts

Reverberation Artefacts An ultrasound machine assumes a single pulse of ultrasound enters the tissues, is reflected off a structure, and returns directly to the transducer for interpretation. When this does not occur ultrasound artefacts are created. Not infrequently and ultrasound…

Ultrasound LIBRARY 340 1

Comet tail artefact

Comet tail artefact is a short path reverberation artefact that weakens with each reverberation, resulting in a vertical echogenic artefact that rapidly fades as it continues in to the ultrasound image.