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CCC Critical Care Compendium 680


Levetiracetam (keppra) is a drug used as an anticonvulsant as monotherapy, or an adjunct, and as a Tier 2 agent in status epilepticus.
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Toxic Seizures

A 22 year old female is BIBA in status epilepticus. She is believed to have overdosed on her discharge medications following a month long stay as an inpatient on the psychiatric ward.
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Status Epilepticus

Status epilepticus: continuous seizure activity for 5 minutes or more without return of consciousness, or recurrent seizures (2 or more) without an intervening period of neurological recovery
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus (NCSE)

Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus (NCSE) is a persistent change in the level of consciousness, behaviour, autonomic function, and sensorium from baseline associated with continuous epileptiform EEG changes, but without major motor signs
CCC Critical Care Compendium 680

Seizures DDx

Seizures are the manifestation of abnormal hyperexcitable discharges of cortical neurons. 10 minutes of continuous seizure activity is now considered status epilepticus, which may result in neuronal damage. Seizures should be aggressively treated if they last longer than 5 minutes.