VanPOCUS 21 virtual Ultrasound Conference

VanPOCUS 2021

Exciting news, VanPOCUS are delivering their second conference and this year it is virtual. Myself excluded (this isn’t meant to be self promotion), there is an excellent line up of speakers on the latest ‘hot’ topics bubbling up in the POCUS community. The registration fee is small ranging from $17-54 CAD to attend, and for those in Canada CME credits can be applied.

VanPOCUS also delivers 15-20 minute educational videos on various POCUS scans done by its clinical leads and past fellows, which are also hosted on LITFL.com. Check the links at the bottom of the page for videos, conference and much more (including how to do an ultrasound fellowship with the team).


Resuscitation Track
0805: The Future is Here: TEE in Cardiac Arrest – Dr. Tom Jelic, emergency medicine
0825: Critical Care POCUS: An Ultrasound Approach to Resuscitation – Dr. Joe Bednarczyk, emergency medicine/critical care
0845: Under Pressure – Echo in Cardiac Tamponade – Dr. Neil Long, emergency medicine

Procedural Track
0905: Ultrasound Guided Pericardiocentesis for Beginners – Dr. Kevin Ong, cardiology
0925: Nerve Blocks Made Easy – Dr. Ray Tang, anesthesia
0945: You Can Block That? Novel Blocks You Should Know – Dr. Chris Prabhakar, anesthesia

Augment Your Physical Exam Track
1025: Venous Congestion for Dummies – Dr. Barry Chan, internal medicine
1045: Debate: The IVC Is Useless – Dr. Shane Arishenkoff, internal medicine & Dr. Ken Kaila, cardiology/critical care
1110: Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter – Fact or Fiction? – Dr. Lauren Arthurs, emergency medicine

Clinical Integration Track
1130: Top 10 POCUS Papers of 2020 – Dr. Justin Ahn & Dr. Daniel Kim, emergency medicine
1150: POCUS Saves the Day! – Dr. Karine Badra, emergency medicine
1210: Panel Discussion: Is POCUS the Standard of Care? – Dr. Karine Badra, Dr. Shane Arishenkoff, Dr. Ken Kaila & Dr. Chris Prabhakar

For speakers and slides from VanPOCUS19, click here!

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Dr Neil Long BMBS FACEM FRCEM FRCPC. Emergency Physician at Kelowna hospital, British Columbia. Loves the misery of alpine climbing and working in austere environments (namely tertiary trauma centres). Supporter of FOAMed, lifelong education and trying to find that elusive peak performance.

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