Anne-Marie de Barsy

Anne-Marie de Barsy (1939 – ) Belgian neurologist, eponymously remembered for her description of de Barsy syndrome in 1968.

de Barsy syndrome (1968)

Autosomal recessive cutis laxa type III (ARCL3), is characterized by cutis laxa, a progeria-like appearance, and ophthalmologic abnormalities

In 1968 De Barsy et al described a 22-month-old girl who had cutis laxa with defective development of elastic fibers in the skin. The corneas were cloudy due to degeneration in the Bowman membrane. Psychomotor development was retarded and she was generally hypotonic. There was no known parental consanguinity, the father being Greek and the mother Flemish

Anne-Marie de Cannart d'Hamale de Barsy
  • Born as Anne-Marie de Cannart d’Hamale on 7 April 1939 in Lier, Belgium
  • 1965 – Married neurologist baron Thierry de Barsy (1941-2016)
  • Professor of neurology, University of Antwerp
  • 2006 – Elevated to the rank of Baroness by King Albert II
  • Beighton P, Beighton G. Anne-Marie de Barsy. In: The Person Behind the Syndrome. Springer 1996: 209

Studied at Univerisity of Cambridge - BA MB BChir. British doctor working in emergency medicine in Perth, Australia. Special interests include primary care and emergency medicine.

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