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Book Review LITFL 340
Clinical Neurology a primer
Clinical neurology a primer is written by leading Australian neurology Associate Professor Peter Gates. This book is the ultimate guide to neurology for people like me – who don’t understand it, but need to know it! Available in kindle edition…
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No Radial Pulse
Your patient's finger tips have turned blue, and the paramedics are unable palpate a radial pulse.... "Is he in cardiogenic shock?" could this be Raynaud's phenomenon
The Triage Game
One for all the ED Nurses out there: The triage game is really toughYou tell us your story and woeful stuffWe listen an take in your ridiculous guffYoull get category 5 which is really rough.There’s a chest pain inside whose…
The Mystery of Chronic Pain
We often look at chronic pain patients in the emergency department as the bain of our existence. These patients patients will often challenge, confront and test all of our diagnostic and empathetic capabilities. But is it time for a better understanding and outlook at this…
A Doctor’s Touch
Do you still rely on your physical examination skills or put more faith in the test you order? Abraham Verghese present’s an inspiring TED Talk on the power of the human hand in medicine and its use to touch, to comfort, to diagnose and to…
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Trendelenburg Position for the Hypotensive Patient
The Trendelenburg position is credited to german surgeon Friedrich Trendelenburg, who created the position to improve surgical exposure of the pelvic organs during operations.The Trendelenburg position involves placing the patients head down, and elevating the feet.