Rose Laud

British doctor currently working in Perth, Australia.  Interests include psychiatry and paediatrics
Henry Turner
Henry Hubert Turner (1892 - 1970) was an American endocrinologist. Remembered for Turner syndrome and description in 1938
Klaus Pätau (1908 - 1975) 340
Klaus Patau
Klaus Pätau (1908 - 1975) was a German-born, American Cytogeneticist. Trisomy 13 is most commonly termed Patau Syndrome.
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Noonan syndrome
Noonan’s syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic condition with mutations affecting the RAS signaling pathway. Jacqueline Anne Noonan (1921 - )
Tomisaku Kawasaki 川崎 富作 340
Tomisaku Kawasaki
Tomisaku Kawasaki 川崎 富作 (1925 – ) Japanese pediatrician. Famous for the discovery and ongoing research into Kawasaki Disease (1967)