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Emergency physician MA (Oxon) MBChB (Edin) FACEM FFSEM with a passion for rugby; medical history; medical education; and informatics. Asynchronous learning #FOAMed evangelist. Co-founder and CTO of Life in the Fast lane | Eponyms | Books | vocortex |
The road ahead for FOAM
Aidan Baron shares his view of the road ahead for FOAM/ #FOAMed: Information Overload, Content Consolidation, Sourcing Quality and Delivering Diversity.
Fakebook Consultations Banned
Medical indemnity insurers are advising their members that communicating with patients via Facebook could mean stepping over the strict boundary defining acceptable doctor-patient relationships as reported in 6minutes today. A GP in the UK recently was sent lilies by a…
Immediate care in sport
Pitch-side Management
The most pressing issue in the pitch-side management of trauma involves the on field management of significant head and neck injuries.
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Laceration Repair
Dr Brian Lin has created a great #FOAMed video education site for 'closing the gap' at LacerationRepair.com
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The latest buzz word in the medical blogosphere is ‘overdiagnosis‘. This iatrogenic neologism is increasingly being seen as a significant threat to human health. Overdiagnosis is the diagnosis of “disease” that will never cause symptoms or death during a patient’s lifetime.…
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LITFL in perpetuity
You may have noticed a little purple box appearing in the right sidebar - this is the Pandora search box. We are honoured to announce that Life in the Fast Lane is now being archived by the National Library of Australia (NLA)
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Aussie Jingle Bells
With the festive season upon us, the Life in The Fast Lane team would like to share an Aussie Christmas favourite. This 'carol' embraces the passion of the Aussie lifestyle and lifts the spirits in 40 degree heat in a way snow laden caricatures cannot...
Dr Finnbarr Walsh In Memoriam
Finnbarr was a wonderful man, a faithful friend and an amazing doctor. It is humbling to see how many lives he touched. Kind, compassionate and generous beyond compare, Finn truly was a gentleman and a scholar.
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Days Beyond Superlative
Some days are special. Some days are amazing...and some days are so amazing they go beyond superlative; destiny changing days to be forever ingrained in ones mind. Saturday was one of these days.